"Work on Portraits", is my first complete photographic work.
It consists of 15 images of persons of different ages, races
and cultures. The link that binds all these persons together
is nature. The faces acquire a very specific connection with
their backgrounds, having a constant dialogue with them."


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 "Boy with a ball"" Boy with a ball " "Roger" " Roger "
"Lefteris " "Lefteris " "Wendy" "Wendy "
" Takis " " Takis "  
" Chinese boy " " Chinese boy " "Beatrice and the bee" " Beatrice and the bee "
" The visitor " " The visitor " " The fuss (selfportrait) " " The fuss (selfportrait) "
 " Old lady in a rush "

"Fotografos" magazine issue 146!
- "Beatrice" from "Work on Portraits", was the cover of "FOTOgrafos" magazine issue 146.

"The storm" " The storm "
"Work on Portraits" was first exhibited at EOS gallery in Athens/Gr from 23Jan to 11Feb 2006 while four photos of the same work were on display at the Syntagma metro station during the "DIA-ROES" festival, from 20Feb to 26Feb 2006."Work on Portraits" is ION's first solo exhibition.
  10Nov.'06: "Work on Portraits" along with "Rebecca" and "The pebble"  from "Work on Portraits II" were presented on Telefos channel during  Georgia's Anastasiou "Pygolabides" live show . ION talked about his approach and technique and commented extensively on each of the photos presented during the 2 hour programme.
notes: all photos were taken in Greece in 2005 except "The fuss" (Frankfurt, Germany). 
2005 IonSoundLaboratorium, Athens/Gr.
- Main Website: www.ionportraits.gr