"Work on Portraits II" October '07 update

My second photographic work is more of a continuation of the introductory one, ”Work on Portraits”.
You see, both my values in life and way of thinking are so anthropocentric, it is inevitable that my art is also.
“Duality: Work on Portraits
II” takes the concept of “dialogue” of the previous work and expands it. However, this time
it is more than just a dialogue between the subject
and its background in the image. Let’s try to visualize something a little
more complex, concepts like expectation, ambiguity, self-awareness, anticipation, love, duality. These all derive and
rotate constantly like particles around a unique nucleus, the human being!

For this particular work I have experimented with variations of my usual technique and color palette, resulting in a dramatic
reduction of black in some of the photos. Hopefully, the images still retain their characteristic painting-like allure and
communicative power. All material has been obtained using a digital camera in natural light ; so far no
studio shooting has taken place at any stage of the “Work on Portraits” project.

“Duality: Work on Portraits II ” is split in two parts, Female & Male. The original idea of exhibiting these parts separately has been dropped. "Work on Portraits II " is close to completion and will be presented in the first semester of 2008. It consists of a minimum
of 22 images. The list of available titles so far is: Eleni, Doubt, The letter, The letter II, The messenger, Zyranna Zateli, Laline
with closed eyelids, The novel, Gabriel, The balance, The guest, The confessional, Girl with flowers, Eyridiki, The Hunter II,
Aggelos, The gaze, The pebble, Noel, Rebecca.

A BIG “thank you” goes to all of my models for their much welcomed solid patience and charming spirit!
It has been (and still is) so much fun working with you!

c u soon,