INTRODUCING "Work on Portraits" "Work on Portraits" video Reading "Journal" poem (inEnglish) Singing "Playground Love" by AIR

Reading an Aesop fable (inGreek) "Work on Portraits II" OPENING Reading "Zorba" extract (inGreek) A few thoughts about TikTok and more (English subtitles)
"Work on Landscapes" video teaser as presented on Greek state television (ERT1) on December 2021 Reading an extract from a novel written by my friend
VAL (inGreek)
ΙΩΝ Outside :|: how do I get inspired
"Baiser Fou", a different perfume review (inGreek). "Fidji - Guy Laroche", a different perfume review (inGreek) ΙΩΝ aphorisms :|: Summit of a mountain