Peter and Chiquia.

"Peter and Chiquia"
UPDATE: "Well done Peter"

"Peter & Chiquia" is a commissioned portrait and was never meant to find its way to a dedicated page.
Helen Tyrakis asked me to create a portrait of her son, who was back from England for a few days,
and of her dog, and so I did. Positive reactions that followed proves how succesfully this work met the
subjects' interactional relationship and the commissioner's view. Requests for a better presentation of
this portait increased when I added a thumbnail of it on my main page animation but I was still not sure.
Last year, with the fires in Attiki turning large areas outside Athens to ashes, Ms Tyrakis' house was in great
danger. The fire arrived in the Drafi area where her villa is located and there was nothing she could do.
In fact, she called me the same night desperately, saying that she was putting a few precious things in a
jeep and she was leaving urgently to save her life. The fire was 50 m from the house! 
 The very next day I joined her up at Drafi to see how everything was. The house survived.
In her jeep I saw my "Peter & Chiquia" portrait lying in its frame above some bags! When later that year
I met Peter again, I told him: "Peter I don't know what life holds for me but one thing I know for sure.
No compliment or honour will ever be greater than that which I received from your mother last summer!"
Peter is currently excelling in his medical studies at Cambridge university while Chiquia, since her portrait,
actually seems to like me more.

2009, Athens/Greece

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