"Life Mementos - The Allegoric Sequence" (short description)

"Life mementos" is a photographic study of the human comprehension of life using allegory as the vehicle of expression. The artist borrows images from everyday reality and creates minimal compositions in order to
describe notions and memories familiar yet not easily transcribable into words. A modern visual monologue with important details not evident at first sight.

The chair with the flower motif on its back is looking at the crag view: the human presence is "delineated" in space. The dead pigeon in the corner of the tempested sea: death contends life and acquires its "place".
The metallic scarecrow on the top of the cliff with the passing plane above: flight and fright - "aspects" of the same garment. The lonely swimmer in the landscape: shadow of a "small mountain". The kite over a road's
curve: the human counterweight in life's "jerks". The naked individual walking in the water: silence and man go "hand-in-hand". Each image comes with actual coordinates of the location it was taken, for anyone of you
to be able to visit the place.

"Life mementos" is my third personal work.