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"It was one of those days. Couldn't stay in, wouldn't go out
(why is it so hot, so early, by the way?).
A few weeks ago i received a very exciting email asking me (among other things)
to sing a specific song! I had forgotten about it completely till last week when i
happened to pass by Syntagma square. There was a street band performing
this very song with live instruments... a flautist was playing the melody.
I am referring to "Insensatez" which happens to be one of my
absolutely favourite songs! A little old fashioned you may think?
Well, more than a little i would say :)

So, when one of those days arrived, i decided i should move
on with the song.
My recording is based on a midi file i found on the net, which
obviously sounds quite bossa nova. I like that! What i didn't like
was that for my voice to acquire this particular colour i had
to smoke a few cigarettes, the first ones for many months now.
The complete process: gathering the material, learning the song,
recording, mixing and sound engineering, took me exactly one day.

One of those days, to be precise...

"How insensitive" performed by Ion. Song composed by Antonio Carlos
Jobim ("Insensatez"-1967). English lyrics by Norman Gimbel. Recorded at IonSoundLaboratorium, Athens/Gr on 12may'07. Midi file created by
unknown. This is a 2.1Mb .mp3 file.